I’ll follow up to let you know how the morning goes. Fingers crossed, not crying.

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Tomorrow is my son’s first day of 3rd grade. And while I’m ecstatic that Summer has come to an end, my heart is sad just a little.

It happens every year, without fail. I cry on the first day of school. I can’t help it, honestly, I can’t. We’ve had 6 first days of school now, dating back to pre-school, and I have teared up every single time. The biggest moments of blubbering misery were the  first day of pre-school and the first day of kindergarten. But all the other times have given me just as much heartache, some days I held it together better. 

First day of school I spend so much of the morning pumping Wyatt for school. While he loves school, the first day is a little difficult for him. But there is that moment where I walk out of the classroom, and my Mommy sad starts…

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