What I don’t want for Mother’s Day!

Here’s a reminder of what I do. Not only am I a single Mom of a beautiful 8 year old, I’ve been a nanny for the past 17 years and currently work for two adorable little boys. So, I’m a Mommy and then some. Because I’m divorced, every year I get asked the question what do you want to do for Mother’s Day. Do I want to have my little guy with me, or do I want that day to myself. And to be honest, It takes me a little while to answer that question. Don’t judge me, I’m being honest here. It’s not that I don’t want special time with my kid, I adore him. But is it really Mother’s Day if I have to be the maid, and the entertainment? That’s just a regular old day to me. What I don’t want for Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed made in a kitchen that I will have to clean up. I don’t want to be taken anywhere in a car that contains a toddler or a teenager. I don’t want to be left alone with anyone who requires having their bottom wiped. I don’t want to hear anyone say they are bored.I don’t want to have to find someone’s shoe. And I especially don’t want to hear the word Mommy. If I’m really going to be honest, what sounds like a divine Mother’s Day celebration is waking up in a beachside cottage all by myself. Having my favorite  mint tea and a blackberry raspberry scone, sitting on the cottage porch watching the waves crash into the beach. Then going for a long walk listening to all my favs on my iPod. Then walking to a great seaside cafe and having an amazing lunch. Then slowly make my way home, so my little person can give me whatever super sweet thing he made at school. The house would be clean, my kid would be clean, and I would be refreshed, and a choir of angels would be…oh alright, I’ll get real. But you see my point right? To truly celebrate a Mom, give her a break. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when you hear her say “what the pickles?”

A happy Mommy!
A happy Mommy!

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