To go Mommy crazy, or to save yourself?

Making the decision to become a Mom is monumental. Impending motherhood can at times bring on an emotional mixed bag, and that’s all before they arrive. You get excited, then anxious, a little scared, happy, then mad cause your husband isn’t rubbing your feet enough. Then that precious little bundle arrives and your world gets turned upside down. You now live and breathe every single day for that little person. You now have someone who depends on you for everything, well you are probably married to one of those too but I digress. You now find that you live your life to meet all the needs of your child. Day in and day out, you give all that you have to that little person, and willingly right, it’s your kid. I certainly have lived the last 7 years to make my little person’s world as perfect as it could be. But, I have found that as I have let mommy hood take me over, I’ve lost a little bit of myself. So much of my day consists of shaping and framing and perfecting my little person’s world, sometimes there’s nothing left for me. But what I realize is I need something for me. I need a little time away from tying shoes and wiping noses to remember that I am a person beyond my little guy. I need to drink coffee with a friend. I need a day at the spa with my bestie. I need to walk 5 miles with DeadMau5 playing very loud. And I need to talk to an adult about things other than wiping noses and tying shoes. Because at the end of the day saving my own sanity means that I can be a better Mom. Doing a little something for me, means I can accomplish that much more for my child. And not feeling guilty about it means I’m emotionally solid to deal with a 7 year old who throws tantrums because his shoelaces aren’t tied correctly. Take it from me Mommies, it only takes a little treat for yourself to make a huge difference. Be good to yourselves so you can be good to your kids. Because otherwise, what the pickles?


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