Why is there corn in my poop?

Often times throughout my day I have a moment which stops me dead in my tracks and makes me think. Ok, so I’ll admit when the 3 year old asked me why there was corn in his poop, I didn’t stop to think. The first thing I did was make sure that he wasn’t in fact holding poop in his hand. What? I am raising 3 boys, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to turn the corner into the bathroom and see someone holding poop. We’ve had some close calls. After I was comfortable that I didn’t need to dip anyone in a bath of sanitizing gel, I stopped for a moment of clarity.

As you can imagine, as a divorced single Mom, full-time plus nanny, a girlfriend, a student, a social media entrepreneur I’m just a little busy. And I’ll admit, there are many times one of my boys asks me a question and I just rattle off an answer that will hopefully buy me half a second of quiet time. But this particular question sparked something in me. It became a reminder that I am shaping little minds every single day. The way I respond to their needs and questions will stay with them their entire lives. It reminded me that I have lived on this Earth longer than they have, and I have a wealth of knowledge that needs to be shared. Point being, as the grown up, I owe it to my little people to take the two seconds they are asking for, and give them a thoughtful answer that will help them on their journey. It can be all too easy to just say, “What the pickles!”


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