I’m not raising a little boy, I’m raising a man.

This is my little man.
This is my little man.

I have always known that I would be the Mom of boys. I’m not sure how I have known that, I just have. I thought for sure it would be a multiple scenario, but I just have my one perfect little guy, and that is just fine by me. I have, however, had the amazing pleasure of nannying for several sets of boys. So, I didn’t birth more than one boy, but I have helped raise more than 10 boys. With that wealth of experience to draw from, I created a beautiful plan for raising my own son. And the goal was always to raise a man, not a boy. You might be thinking, what is she talking about? But think about it for a minute. We are not raising children for their childhood, we are raising them for their adulthood. We spend countless hours instructing, correcting, and modeling the behavior we would like them to exhibit as adults. Understanding that their childhood is the stage on which they practice all of those lessons, but it is adulthood that is the big show. I’m always glad when my little guy shows a mastery of an idea at his current stage. But what I want more than anything is for him to grow into an amazing adult, an amazing male adult. I want my little guy to be the best man he can be and maybe a even a little better than that. When I think about the men in my life that have been important and have had an impact, I see that it was their character, their heart, and the way that they loved which left a lasting memory on me. And so it is important that those same ideas are developed in my son. Strength of character, big open heart, and a warm loving spirit are all part of what I want my son to exhibit as a man. I try as often as possible to surround him with people that mirror or encourage these same things. I happen to think my own Father is an excellent example of an incredible man. My Dad was not the most physically affectionate man, but what he was, was present, dependable, willing to sacrifice, giving, caring, loving, and strong. Luckily he is still very active in my son’s life. Though he’s older and lives further away than I would like, he still makes himself available to me and my son. And what I love most of all is my son’s ability to spend quality time with a man, my Father, learning to be a man. My hope is with my firm encouragement and plenty of positive role models, my son will grow to be an impeccable person, and that he grow to be an amazing man. Because if he is not I will definitely have to say, “What the pickles?”


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