Don’t Judge Me!

It must be just so easy to sit back and watch as the new royal parents try and find their way, while they are in under a microscope, judging them all the while. I was so mad when that article came out discussing how Prince Williams had strapped Prince George into his car seat incorrectly. I’m sure many of us first timers didn’t get it exactly right the first time around. But imagine what it must feel like to have the whole world watching, waiting, and hoping you make a parenting mistake, so they can judge you? How is anyone supposed to parent under those circumstances? Don’t we all really learn to parent by being a parent? I’m sure I have raised a few eyebrows in my day. But I don’t particularly care what others think about my parenting style and here’s why.

I pride myself on being a very in tune parent and nanny. I observe all my little people and see the core of who they are. While I try to be consistent about the parent I am, I have to operate a little differently with individuals to get the best out of each of them. That goes for both my son and the boys I nanny for. So, there are many times other parents view my style as strict, and yes, it is. I feel as though I am investing in the future of these young men. I want them to be quality young people, and outstanding young men. My hope is by providing a safe, loving environment with consistent structure, they will have a solid foundation from which to flourish. Other parents may call me a helicopter parent, but I’m not. I’m observant in a way that provides guidance when they need it. I’m not the Mom at the park that isn’t aware that my child has thrown tan bark on another park goer. I’m the Mom that see’s it before it happens and asks the child if they are about to make a good choice.

We are all parents to our kids. We know them, we know their personalities, and we know the areas where they need a little extra help. To judge another parent without knowing their kid, situation, lifestyle, is not fair. I don’t take the time to try and justify my actions as a parent to others, because I know that I am giving my child and the boys I nanny for what they need. I could read all the parenting books in the world and still have no idea how to deal with an overly emotional 8 year old. No one else, except his parents can tell me how to handle a boundary pushing 5 year old. I’ve learned these necessary parenting skills by parenting these kids. I do it because it is my responsibility; it is my job, but mostly because I love them so very much.Image

Stop judging other parents; it doesn’t help us as a parenting community. It doesn’t set a good example for our children to see us standing in judgment of others. And it doesn’t do a bit of good for anyone. My hope is the new royal parents get the space they need to establish themselves as parents. I hope they get time to develop a sense of their child, without all our watchful eyes shaking our fingers at them telling them that’s not right. I hope that all parents remember that this most important job we have, is tough enough without feeling like we are under a microscope. And you should know if you have something to say about the way I parent, I will have a loud and proud “What the pickles?” for you.


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