Why are we talking about boobs?

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month!
It seems as though there has been more and more unnecessary talk about Moms, babies and boobs. What gives? If I have to read one more story about a Mom getting thrown out of a place for trying to feed her kid, my head is going to explode. What is the problem?

I just want to make sure we all realize that breastfeeding is supposed to happen. Right, Mommy gives birth, her body produces milk for the baby, Mommy then feeds the baby. This is not a new concept, been going on for millenniums. Why now is everyone so up in arms about it? When I became a new Mommy, my mother shared with me that she was not encouraged to breast feed. She was actually told that formula was better for me. Turns out for many years the school of thought was that synthetic, simulated, Mother’s milk was better than what was naturally occurring. WTF? Oh wait, this was also the same school of thought which said it was okay to drink and smoke during your pregnancy. Sorry, credibility completely blown. Thank goodness science has re-adapted the “breast is best” way of thinking. I mean breastfeeding a such a magical experience. It is unfortunate there are some Moms, for a variety of reasons, who don’t get to enjoy this experience. Breastfeeding was one of the most peaceful, completely connecting, bonding experiences I have had with my child. I wouldn’t give up those times for anything. So, I am glad to see Moms proudly feeding their babies the way our bodies were designed to do.

I am truly trying to understand why so many are so offended by the act of feeding one’s child. I’m sure if the child knew how, he would order a cheese burger. But seeing as he can’t talk, doesn’t have teeth, and can’t hold his own head upright by himself it may present a few problems. A little milk out of a perfectly designed dispenser, which keeps the milk at the perfect temperature, how is that an issue? Are we bothered at the sight of skin? Because unless you are cheek to cheek with a nursing baby, all you are going to catch a glimpse of is the same amount of, or in some cases less, skin you would see if the Mom were wearing a bikini. We see more skin exposed on any given celebrity, on an awards show red carpet. Janet showed more boob in the famous Super Bowl oops. There is more boob showing on the Victoria Secret commercials on TV. And don’t even get me started on those people who say it’s a matter of decency. Decency!?! The only indecent thing about breastfeeding is being harassed while you are trying to feed your baby. Smoke is starting to come out of my ears, this is making me mad. So, really this to me is a non-argument. So, I’ll ask why are people so bothered by a Mom breastfeeding her baby in public? Maybe this has to do with some antiquated notion that Moms should be at home with their babies, not out in the world. I hope that isn’t it, cause that gets a one finger salute from me. Yeah, I could have used a what the pickles there, but it didn’t really give an accurate portrayal of my anger at the thought of someone actually thinking something so ridiculous. So if it’s not that, what else could it be? Are we so uncomfortable with the human body and its natural processes, that we are comfortable denying a baby food over it? That can’t be. Every kids cartoon and television show is filled with fart and booger jokes. Clearly by that standard we think natural processes are hilarious, and should be laughed at. I call BS. We all have body parts, they do weird things that many of us, even adults, are not all that comfortable with. To that I say get over yourself and grow up. Moms have boob, boobs make milk, and babies drink it. If you don’t want to see it…(I clearly need to say this because people seem to forget how easy it is.) don’t look. As long a Mom is not shoving her milk dripping nipple in your face, you don’t need to look. Next! SO, what could it possibly be? I really want to know? I mean, I kind of don’t care because it just seems silly. But it bothers me that this issue exists and continues to come up. Can we just let Moms feed their babies in peace? Can we all agree boobs exist, and at times are utilitarian? Can we all agree that breastfeeding is a part of life, and just move on? Because if I ever see someone giving a breastfeeding Mom a hard time, I will be saying a whole lot more than, “What the pickles!”


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