5 O’Clock Frenzies

   Do you have that magical hour at your house? You know the time of day when your seemingly happy children turn into satan’s spawn. I no longer have to clock watch, the kids let me know when it is 5 o’clock.

   It happens every single day. Doesn’t matter where we are, or what we are doing. Somehow my boys become aware of the hour, as if a whistle that only children can hear has been sounded, and like a Pavlov’s dog they instantly need to lose their minds. You can see the change happen if you watch their body language. A child sitting quietly coloring, goes through a werewolf like transformation, and turns into a screaming lunatic in the back yard. I have done extensive market research on this topic. And yes, by that I mean I have polled all my Mommy friends at our last few park meet ups. Its happening at homes all over the world.

I know what you are going to say, “It’s because they are tired and hungry.” I call BS! My boys get ample rest, which still includes a midday nap. I prep a hearty lunch and a solid mid afternoon snack. Our afternoon includes some sort of physical activity, but not enough to make them so tired by 5pm they would feel the need to come unglued.

To all the parents who’ve endured 5 o’clock frenzies I salute you. For as many sets of children I have cared for, I have yet to find the perfect remedy for the frenzies. Best I can say is pour yourself a glass of wine and turn up the music. Wine to numb yourself to the large amounts of rambunctious behavior, and music to drown out the ear piercing whining. 5 o’clock frenzies constantly make me say, “What the pickles?”   


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