“Nobody could ever get bored of Summer!”

At dinner this evening my son and I were talking about school starting on Monday. While my excitement was obvious, his reluctance was very apparent. I asked him if he was bored of Summer yet, and he responded with the quote in the title of this post. Could anyone ever really get bored of Summer?

I remember growing up having days here and there, in Summer, when I felt bored. At age ten, it wasn’t as fun to play in the street with the other neighborhood friends. besides with average Summer temps running in the low 100’s, you didn’t really want to be outside past 10am, or back out until after 6pm. And even then it still might be in the low 90’s. But there is one major difference between me and my son. My son’s Summer is completely full. He starts camp the Monday after school gets out until the Friday before school starts. For him, there just isn’t time to get bored. Science camp, Lego camp, soccer and tennis and flag football and volleyball…camp, and then swimming lessons on top of all that. My kid has the equivalent of a Disneyland Summer. It is filled with magical and fun activities. Image

Sometimes the amount of activities my son is involved in draws criticism from others, but I say, I would rather my kid tell me at the end of the day he had so much fun at camp, then him tell me at 10 am that he is already bored. Keeping him active, and more importantly his mind active are my top priority. I find we have far less brain atrophy when the new school session begins. He had some down time on his vacation to his grandparents house. But his Grands (my Mom) took him to the library every couple of days for new reading material. She enrolled him in a history camp at the local museum. Bottom line, my son had a great, full, fun Summer.

As we prepare to head to school tomorrow to see old friends, and find out who our teacher will be, I’m excited at by the return to school time structure. I’m ready to settle back down into our routine. He, on the other hand is wishing Summer would never end. Thank goodness that could never happen. I would definitely be screaming, “what the pickles!”


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