I just can’t fake it anymore!

I have tried. I have really tried hard. At first I showed interest, you know it was something new he was into. I acted as though it was mind blowing. I made him feel like I was as excited as he was. But after a non stop barrage, I just couldn’t do it any more. Everything we did revolved around it. Every conversation was turned to include the details. It literally ruled everything, even dinner conversations revolved around it. My skills at hiding my true feelings began to fade a little each day. Then one night I just couldn’t fake it anymore. I just couldn’t look in his eye and pretend anymore. I couldn’t talk about Pokemon cards anymore!

I know you were hoping for something more juicy, sorry for the tease. But you have to understand, my son has fallen into a Pokemon obsession, and he is taking the whole family with him.

We’ve lived through some pretty big obsessions. There was the Brio trains, Bionicles, we’ve been through a few rounds of Legos, Minecraft has been a lasting interest, but nothing holds a candle to Pokemon.

But I have put my foot down. I can only handle so many Pokemon conversations in one day, which amounts to about half a conversation, before I get that glossed over look. You know the one. It’s the same look your kids have when they are watching TV. It’s the same look your kids have when you are giving them any sort of instruction. Having to listen to him go on and on about platinum, legendary and ex? WTF!?! I don’t speak 8-year-old, Japanese cartoon trading card language. I don’t have the capacity to learn.

I appreciate that my son can stay focused on something for what seems like years on end. I mean it really is amazing how Pokemon has held his attention. But I just can’t go there with him. I can’t learn all the character’s names and the different evolutions. Again, don’t ask me what that means. I just know that some of the hundreds of Pokemon packs he pinned on this Pinterest Christmas wish list include a few different varieties of the same card.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some of his interests that I definitely take the time to truly understand. I mean, he’s a kid that I need to stay connected to. I need something to talk with him about when he wants to clam up. I have to hold on to something that we can have in common, so  when those tween years sneak up, I can bring him back from the dark side. And I am sure there will be many more obsessions in our future. But Pokemon is just one of those things I can’t get excited about.

Sorry, Pokemon. You have earned a ‘what the pickles’, for sure.


3 thoughts on “I just can’t fake it anymore!

  1. I am a little late to this blog but I totally get it. My twins had an obsession with Pokemon about 10 years ago as well. I found myself singing the theme songs and everything. I did not like it but, in retrospect, even the things you don’t like are an opportunity for conversation as well. Gotta love the experience of parenting, right? 🙂


    1. I just keep thinking, one day he won’t want to talk to me at all. So, I should enjoy that he talks to me so enthusiastically about the things that interest him.
      Thanks so much for stopping by What The Pickles!


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