My name is Marian Williams. I have been a San Francisco Bay Area nanny for many years now, creeping quickly upon 20. My greatest accomplishment is my beautiful son Wyatt, age 11. He is the air that I breath and a constant source of joy. Don’t get me wrong, he is also the source of my greatest opportunities to learn about myself. That’s fancy talk for he makes me mad, and then forces me to be honest about it.

I started this blog because I think I have an interesting perspective to offer other women, other Moms, and people in general. I am sarcastic by nature, so please, please don’t be offended by my tone. Most of what I post is an honest exploration of my journey as a nanny, and as a Mom. I hope it is thought-provoking for some, a comfort to others, and more importantly a reminder to laugh. Laughter, and a great Pinot Noir save my sanity most days. Just know, you should look out if you hear me saying, “What the pickles?”

M mouse ears

I encourage feedback, with the exception of criticizing my slaughtering of the English language and grammar. No literary giant here, just a Mom with a computer and internet access. I have an open heart and ears, and most definitely want to hear how others feel about a topic. I am open to suggestions for topics, and I am ALWAYS happy to offer my opinion, asked for or not.

My sincerest thanks for checking out my blog!



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